Christmas Pudding & Champagne: Survival Tips on how to prepare our skin and body this Christmas Season

This is the season to be jolly, eat way too many mince pies and do a whole lot of partying! The Christmas period is approaching and it’s about time we prepare ourselves! Whilst it’s a fun time of year, the abundance of social gatherings, alcoholic beverages and all the delicious food we indulge in can take its toll. So, this is the perfect time to chat about some survival tips for the upcoming festive season. Grab yourself some eggnog, and off we go!


So how can we prepare for the festivities you ask? Well, let’s start by talking about one of the first major dilemmas we face around this time of year. Changes in our skin; for various reasons. Overindulging in food we don’t often eat throughout the year and increased alcohol intake, can lead to skin problems especially in those folks who are more sensitive than others. For example, it can cause some untimely and rather annoying breakouts. Not to mention the weather outside is frightful at this time of year! Exposed areas of skin such as the face and hands generally get the worst of it, and with all the upcoming parties, you’ll probably be outside in the evening too, as well as staying up pretty late! These factors all cause your skin to become a bit dehydrated and dry, so it’s the ideal time to visit a beautician for some advice or treatments. A beautician will be able to pinpoint your skins needs and advise you on how you can amend your general skincare routine to help avoid these dilemmas. You may also benefit from treatments a beautician can offer such as a facial.

Apart from visiting a beautician, it’s the perfect time to seek out a medical professional for a few pre-festive treatments to get your skin glowing in time for the holidays. If for example, you suffer from skin problems such as rosacea, you’ll know that you will likely encounter a few triggers around this time of year that can result in increased redness and sometimes bumpy skin, such as increased alcohol intake, cold weather and prominent use of heaters. If this is a concern, opt for treatments such as IPL, which is a laser treatment that will help to reduce redness and irritation. However, if you feel like your skin just needs a bit of a boost, treatments like skin boosters are basically hydration treatments and an ideal option to get that healthy glow, and improvement in skin texture.  Skin rejuvenation treatments such as platelet rich plasma, can also give you great results, where you will see improvement in texture and tone of your skin, naturally.

This time of year, would also be the perfect time for Botox or dermal fillers. Botox can be used to address those pesky wrinkles and fine lines, whilst dermal fillers are used to shape and contour the face, such as adding some volume to the lips or cheeks, to give just two examples. These treatments are ideal this time of year because they don’t require a lot of downtime or recovery, so you’ll look great in time for all the festive fun!


Now, prepping your body for those late nights and the considerable intake of delicious food or drink is our next focus. Some folks opt for a few pre-Christmas body shaping treatments to help them feel a little more confident for the festive season. However, it’s also about prepping your body to feel able to handle all the festive fun! So, firstly give your exercise routine a boost from now. You’ll feel a lot more able to dance the night away at your staff party, whilst simultaneously holding a champagne glass in one hand and a mince pie in the other (trust me). These foods we consume at Christmas-time can often leave us feeling bloated, so apart from exercising, it’s also a good idea to increase your fibre intake, as this will help to prepare your stomach for all that calorific food and drink (like puddings and prosecco!). These tips should help your body feel much more prepared to deal with the festivities!

So that’s it for now folks. Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it’s also a very busy time of year, and so it’s always a good idea to prepare yourself for all your busy plans ahead. I hope you’ve found these survival tips useful and you feel ready to begin preparations for the festive season!

Until next time everyone!


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