Round or Tear Drop Implants? That is the question!

Clara who lives 3 doors away has done her breasts 10 years ago and she always says that tear drop implants are the most natural looking. But, last time, I met Joanna’s friend’s sister, and she said hers are round and they are natural looking too. So.. this got me thinking, what is best? Round or tear drop?!

First of all, breast augmentation done on Clara is not the same as a breast augmentation done on Joanna’s friend’s sister, and the reason is an obvious one. We are all different, we all start from different starting points and we all have different needs. This also means that everyone’s experience is different.

The most important factor when it comes to taking the plunge is the trust relationship with your Surgeon. Your Doctor is to explain every single detail, and if need be, answer the same question six million times over and over again until you have understood all it entails. The Doctor will measure your current breast size, determine the extend of drooping (if any), which method of lifting is most appropriate, and the size of implant your chest can take. One word of advice, going to the Doctor prepared with a specific implant size in mind just because Lily Smith has had 340cc inserted is the wrong way to go.

Implant size is determined by the width of the breast and the height between the areola and the end of the breast (known as the infra mammary fold). Half the implant should lie in the abovementioned half of the breast and not protruding from the side. Also, the final size of the breast is determined by the size of the implant and the amount of breast tissue you already have. So, simple maths, if one starts with 150cc in both breasts and inserts 340cc, that means that the final size would be that of 490cc. If my starting point is ‘barely anything’, and i insert 340cc, so the end result will be very close to 340cc.

Now, the million dollar question, ROUND or TEAR DROP? A few years back, tear drop (known also as anatomical implants), were thought to be more natural looking as they resembled more the ‘natural’ shape of the breast. BUT, a study lead by Dr Carlos Rubi has proven that not even Plastic Surgeons can distinguish between round and anatomical ones, meaning that there is no real advantage of having tear drop ones over round. (You may want to read more about it here:

Now, this is where technology advances kicks in. Premium brands like Motiva Implants (, have gone a step further which is like a ‘hybrid’ implant which is round, but when one is standing, it takes a tear drop shape. This means, that when over the years, the implant turns slightly in the body, the chances of having an odd looking boob as the thicker part of the implant would be at the side, are nil. Cool no?

So, now that we have busted the myth of round and tear drop, everyone can rest his case and stop saying that tear drop is more natural. Because, let’s be frank, if Plastic Surgeons who’s bread and butter is made of boobs couldn’t tell the difference, then we should really leave it in the expert’s hands.

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