So long Summer! Injecting some TLC into our skin after the Sunny Season

The days are getting shorter and the sun begins to chill out a little. Literally. Yes, summer has come to an end and it’s now officially autumn! More than likely, you’ve spent your summer basking in the sunshine, unwinding by the pool, or since we are on an island after all, at the beach. Whilst the sunny season is notorious for that atmosphere where you suddenly want to party on the beach all night long, waking up with that sun kissed feeling and wavy hair, there is a downside to the sunshine. Yes, my friends, I’m talking about what the summer season does to our skin.


Unfortunately, some people don’t realise that summer can leave our skin looking a little worse for wear, so let’s start there.  Why is summer pretty harsh on our skin? The main reason, is the UV rays from sun exposure, and the sun can cause damage to ANY skin type, not just fair skin folks.  A few tell-tale signs of sun damage to look out for are an uneven skin tone, darker patches and freckles. Apart from these issues, what may seem to be natural ageing processes of the face can actually be due to prolonged sun exposure. Now let’s get serious for a minute. One point I cannot stress enough, is I can’t talk about sun damage without mentioning Skin Cancer. Always make sure to use ample amounts of SPF, and reapply often when spending time in the sunshine.

Now, moving on from sun damage, let’s not forget about what sweat, sun cream and the heat do to our pores, which can lead us to some transitional season breakouts (yay). If that wasn’t bad enough, there’s also the likelihood of your skin becoming dehydrated during the summer months, since the hot weather increases water loss from the body. This can in turn cause your skin to feel irritated, red and dry, and nobody wants that.

Let me guess, you’re probably examining yourself in the mirror thinking to yourself, have I caused any damage because of all that time I spent trying to get the perfect tan? Let’s face it, (pun intended), our skin is probably going to need some proper tender loving care after all that we’ve talked about, right? And after all it’s been through this summer, it deserves it! So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this conversation.


Holistic care is generally the way to go, and what I mean by this is one simple treatment may not be sufficient to give your skin the boost it needs after the summer hurdles. It’s going to depend on the extent of any damage, along with other biological factors like genetics and hormones too.                          

Now, everyone loves a good tan, but let’s talk about one of the most common problems associated with spending time in the sunshine, and that’s hyperpigmentation. Basically, it’s the excess production of melanin/pigment in the skin and this causes patches of skin to appear darker than the surrounding areas, leaving you with an uneven skin tone. No thank you! There is some good news though because there are ways to address it, depending on how superficial the pigmentation is, you may be able to have it treated with lasers such as Intense Pulsed Light or Fractional C02 Laser.

However, if your issue goes a little deeper you may need a combination of treatments. For example, have you heard of Chemical Peels? They sound a little daunting but they help to remove damaged skin cells, and stimulate new skin cells to grow! Plus, peels can give your collagen level a little boost too! Now who wouldn’t want that? Peels are often used in conjunction with lasers to treat the problem at its core. And, you guessed it, autumn is one of the best times of year to get these treatments done!

If rather than an uneven skin tone, you’re feeling like the hot weather has left your skin a little tired, a bit dehydrated or less plump, you may benefit from Mesotherapy, which employs multiple injections for hydration and skin rejuvenation. Who wouldn’t want refreshed, plump and hydrated skin ready to face the cooler weather, am I right?

There are also topical treatments you can go for, but it’s always best to speak with your dermatologist so you can have treatments tailored to your needs!

So that wraps up this week’s Cosmetic Conversation. Remember everyone, love your skin and it will love you right back!

Until next time!


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