Cosmetic Surgery, is it all about vanity?

Cosmetic surgery. Does it simply stem from vanity and our ever-growing obsession to look perfect? It’s been coined the ‘real life version of photoshop’ and the popularity of getting such procedures is ever growing. Ideals of beauty have always existed and over the years cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular. We are constantly bombarded with ideals of the perfect person and unequivocal standards of beauty such as celebrities and powerful influencers who, more often than not, promote the numerous procedures they have undergone to look younger, prettier and in their words, better. This influx of media tends to cause fans and admirers to aim for unrealistic standards which cannot be met, since apart from the procedures, social media is governed by photoshop and editing. This obsession with being perfect, is often the reason many believe vanity is the driving force behind the desire for cosmetic surgery. The popular assumption is that most people who decide to go for these procedures, do so because of social media influence, or because they saw someone famous on the television and they thought, Hey, I want to look like that! Perhaps even because they are ‘obsessed’ with being perfect or looking young and attractive. 

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