Collagen is a natural protein that the body creates. It works to give the skin its youthfulness by keeping it firm and toned. As we age, collagen breaks down, resulting in loss of skin strength and elasticity that leads to visible signs of aging skin.
Ultherapy has been recognized as the Gold Standard in non-surgical skin lifting and tightening.
Ultherapy is the only FDA- cleared, non-invasive procedure that lifts the neck, chin and brow, and improves lines and wrinkles in the upper chest. It is also the only HIFU device which requires one treatment per area.

Proven Success

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Typical Uses

You should consider Ultherapy if you are looking to treat:


What It Entails

Ultherapy goes deeper than any other non invasive aesthetic ultrasound treatment to boost
your body’s own collagen, for natural looking results. It lifts and tightens with no downtime and
is able to treat the brow, mid face, jawline, neck and decolletage. It’s the only FDA cleared
ultrasound treatment that allows your practitioner to SEE below your skin’s surface to customize
the treatment. Ultherapy delivers micro focused ultrasound energy to the same foundational
layer typically addressed by surgeons during cosmetic surgery – without cutting or disrupting the
surface of the skin.

How It Works

1.During the consultation

During the consultation you will be able to express what you are looking to achieve, and our specialised doctor will guide you towards the right treatment. The consultation will also help determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure.

2.During the procedure

On clean skin ,the Doctor will mark the area to be treated in sections and apply the ultrasound gel. A smooth applicator is placed against your skin. The Doctor will use the ultrasound imaging to determine the optimal placement of the treatment energy, and then deliver the focused ultrasound energy beneath the skin’s surface. Some patients may experience mild discomfort usually described as a feeling of intense heat. Each individual experiences pain differently. The treatment itself will last around 30 to 60 minutes depending on the area and nature of the problem being treated.

3.After the treatment

Following the Ultherapy treatment your skin can be a bit pink and may have a slight swelling and a tingling sensation though each patient reacts differently. There is no downtime, therefore, you can go back to work on the same day. Full results of the treatment is expected after 4 to 6 months the reason being the length of time the body needs to produce new collagen and elastin fibres.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the side effects of this treatment?

Slight swelling and slight redness and a tingling sensation that will go in a few days after the treatment. But no downtime required.

Is Ultherapy permanent?

The collagen produced is yours to keep but clearly the ageing process is something which cannot be stopped. Proper skin care, sun avoidance and complementary treatments such as dermal fillers and Botulinum toxin are suggested for a more long lasting result. Ultherapy treatment can be repeated every 1.5 to 2 years

How do I know if this is a good option for me?

Ideal candidates are in their 30’s, 40’s 50’s and above looking to improve their collagen and elasticity of their skin without resorting to more invasive treatments / surgery.

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